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Welcome to Home Gym Advice

Hello and welcome to my site! This site is intended to help you decide on what gym equipment you need to fulfil your goals.

This website aims to give you the information you need to enable you to choose the home gym equipment that is right for you. This site is primarily aimed at body builders, weight lifters and those that just want to get stronger. It also deals a little with fat loss and cardiovascular development, though the emphasis is on weight lifting equipment.

If you want to get fit, strong, muscular or all of these, a GOOD home gym with the right equipment can make this a reality that is easily within your grasp, and probably more so than visiting a gym. If you had a gym at your home you would almost definitely use it more than you would your gym membership. You would be more consistent and get faster results, and results are very important – they keep you motivated. Attending a “real” gym is great from a social aspect and for the variety of equipment, but not so good if you are pressed for time – you have to get there, often going out of your way. You often have to wait for equipment to become available or perhaps someone wants to use the apparatus you are using and you feel pressured into rushing, compromising the quality of those valuable work sets. The worst part is that sometimes you get the wonderful “privilege” to use equipment that some else has just left with their sweat still drying on it – yuk!

Okay, so a “real” gym may have a greater variety of equipment than you can afford, but I’ll bet that you can obtain all the equipment (decent equipment too) that you need to get big and strong for about the same cost as a year’s subscription at a decent gym. So many of the wide variety of exercises that a “real” gym provides have a small effect and are virtually pointless unless you are already huge anyway. To get the best results in the fastest time you should concentrate on the BIG compound movements with a handful of supporting or secondary exercises. See the weight training tips section for some useful information.

So read bits of this site (you don’t need to read it all) and you’ll soon know what to look for to get a decent home gym that is available to you 24/7, that you will get results from and soon have you meeting your goals.

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