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Home Gym - Available Space

Available Space

The equipment that you choose for your gym will be influenced by the space that you have available. If you have a double garage available you will be able to obtain more equipment than you really need, but you will be able to have some excellent “single stations” for exercises that you may want to focus on. A single garage is capable of housing a very good home gym and should be able to house all that you need. Basements vary but typically are more than adequate though one thing to look out for is that you have enough height, especially if you intend to buy a power rack.

My home gym features a power rack with a lat attachment, an inclining bench, a 7-foot Olympic barbell, an Olympic Trap Bar, an Olympic EZ bar, standard dumbbell handles (though I have 18-inch handles) a weight plate tree, some Olympic plates and some standard plates (for the dumbbells). Although I am fortunate enough to have a double garage all of these fit into an area just less than a single garage as I need the other half for a chest freezer, kids garden toys, lawnmower, bikes, wife’s cross trainer (neglected) and other junk occupying the rest! All of my exercises can be performed within the power rack though some space around it is required so that the bar can be loaded and unloaded. I also made my own dip station using two standard barbells and some wood.

In all, my complete gym and the space I need to walk around it loading the bars is an area that just over 7.0 x 10 ft (2.1 x 3.0 m). I could compress it more (but I don’t need to) and I expect the minimum would be around 7.0 x 8.5 ft (2.1 x 2.6m). I have some pictures of my gym, with some descriptions. I also detail the trap-bar and my home made dip station.

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