Body Building Supplements and Foods

Body Building Foods and Supplements

Let's have a look at the muscle building supplements. These are often protein shakes, meal replacement shakes and prohormones. The protein and meal replacements are effectively just parts of food. Protein is a part of food and when you are bodybuilding you just can't seem to eat enough of it and protein shakes are a very convenient and easy way of obtaining this most important of nutrients. The same goes for meal replacements which tend to be a mixture of proteins and carbs (carbohydrates).

Really, these supplement shakes are a lower quality alternative to 'proper' or 'real' food like chicken, fish, beef and egg whites. This is because the 'real' food also contains other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Another great aspect that 'real' food has is that it has a thermic effect that boosts your metabolism (which helps to keep you leaner) because digesting and processing solid food requires more energy from your body than a protein or meal replacement shake.

I do use the occasional protein shake for when needs must, but I always try to eat solid matter, such as fruit or vegetables with it just to add some real substance and to give a metabolism boosting thermic effect. However, I believe that egg whites are the best protein drink you can have. They are a very high quality protein in terms of bioavailability and are a natural food and they are available in bottles and cartons that have been treated and are salmonella free. This is great because it means gone are the messy days when bodybuilders would crack 30 eggs a day and separate the yolk from the white. There is a downside to consuming egg whites daily... and that is that you will produce offensive gas! A high protein diet often leads to offensive gas anyway, but the egg whites add a potent edge!

There are other high protein snacks that you can have instead of a protein shake such as beef jerky which I find highly satisfying - it is mostly just protein and because it takes a long time to chew you feel like you have eaten a significant meal. I also buy meal replacement flap jacks that are made with casein (a slow milk protein) and low glycemic index (low GI) oats - great for a snack when a real meal is inconvenient.

Finally a quick look at prohormones: Prohormones are designed to boost your body's own production of testosterone and/or growth hormone production, in a similar way to steroids. Steroids are however unnatural drugs, that can lead to health problems but prohormones can be derived from natural foods, such as fenugreek, horny goat weed and other herbs and plants.

The aim here is to make you build muscle fast as prohormones are designed to increase protein synthesis. However, from my research, more knowledgeable people than me believe that most prohormones do not work, and that they make your body lazy in producing its own testosterone such that when you come off of the prohormones your testosterone production is lower than what is was before you went on them! Still, life is choice and you are free to do your own research, but even though I tried them once (and noticed no benefits), I would never take them again. I now believe you can build muscle fast (perhaps faster) without these supplements and save yourself a lot of money. I also believe it is far healthier to stimulate your body's own natural testosterone production which is easier than you think if you go about it the right way.

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