How To Build Your
Own Home Gym - Budget and Expandability

Budget and Expanability

If you are on a tight budget then your gym equipment should be prioritised. Buy the right equipment and you should be able to expand your home gym over time.

If you are serious about getting big and strong then the minimum would be:

  • Power rack
  • Inclining bench
  • Olympic bar with weights

As many power racks come with a built in chinning bar a lat station is not necessary (though nice to have). Lat stations can be used for a few other exercises and if you are unable to do wide over-hand pull-ups then a lat station will help you develop your strength for chinning later. Cable rows can also be done if the lat station incorporates a low pully, though a cheaper option is to make some wooden blocks to elevate your bench so that you can lie face down on your bench and pull a barbell (or dumbbells) up, as in a prone-row. Click here to see my prone row station.

A lat station can often be obtained at a later date, along with the other less important gym equipment such as dumbbells, triceps rope, trap-bar, v-handle (for cable rows) and perhaps a single station.

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Burn the Fat
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