About Me and Contact Details

About Me and Contact Details

Hi, I’m Paul and I am a 37 year-old professional Aerospace Structures Engineer, living in the South West of England with a keen interest in weight lifting, health and fitness. Having a good knowledge of mechanical engineering and structures gives me a good understanding of some of the aspects of the design of gym equipment. Most of my life has been spent working on airframe structures with a little on space (satellite) structures. I have been tempted to design my own range of gym equipment, and I may do so in the future, when I get more time.

In my younger years (early 20’s) I was a keen roadie cyclist and I was pretty fit (and very skinny). I still like cycling but as weight lifting is now my focus I am way too heavy to race bikes. Back then my resting heart rate was 45 bpm (beats per minute), I had an anaerobic threshold heart rate of around 180 bpm and could ride comfortably at about 20 to 22mph – how times have changed…

I have been lifting weights of and on for most of my adult life, but only seriously for the last three years (since buying a gym for my home). I used to attend commercial gyms, but had to drive there and could not always make it. My consistency suffered and I got fed up waiting for equipment that I wanted to use. When kids came along my gym attendance stopped altogether.

For a few years I did not lift weights (except for beer cans) so I eventually decided to buy myself a home gym. I bought Stewart McRobert’s books Brawn, Beyond Brawn and Weight Training Technique for advice. These advocated the use of a power rack, which I had not seen before and I could immediately see the benefits of owning one, so I bought one! The power rack coupled with Stuart’s focus on the big compound exercises has enabled me to train alone and has helped me gain some strength and some extra muscle.

After a year and a half I hit a wall, which lasted for about a year, and my bench stayed at 100kg for three sets of six reps. I tried low weight high reps, high weight low reps, but three sets of six reps with 100kg was all I could manage. A friend said I was probably not eating enough and I was recommended another book, Scrawny to Brawny by John Berardi and Michael Mejia. I got this book in October 2007 and it was my saviour. I tried and liked the four weight-training phases (though not all of the exercises and I skipped phase I) but the nutritional advice was outstanding. I rapidly gained a lot of strength and although my lean body mass increased, so too did my fat by a small amount (it is very hard to gain muscle mass only).

My latest discovery is a very good book called: Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. This too is an outstanding book and it’s over 300 pages!

Armed with the above books I can see that I will soon reach my strength goals: 220kg deadlift, 180kg squat, 140kg bench press, 100kg shoulder press – all of these for 6-10 reps, NOT single lifts!

You can contact me with questions or suggestions at paul@home-gym-advice.co.uk

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
Burn the Fat
Feed the Muscle

Muscle Gaining Secrets
Muscle Gaining Secrets