How To Build Your
Own Home Gym - Environment

Your Home Gym's Environment

The site you choose for your home gym will need some additional consideration. Most of the information below is logical, and I apologise if I am stating the obvious.

You need a strong, solid floor that is flat and even Ė you donít want your power rack wobbling around! A wooden floor supported by wooden floor joists is not ideal as though these might be strong enough they do tend to flex more than a solid concrete floor and as there is always the possibility of dropping a weight the risk of damage is far greater.

Bashing metal plates around, puffing, blowing and grunting does make some noise, so best not to disturb other people if you can help it!

Ideally there would be fresh air available through leaving a door and/or window open. This is important to maximise oxygen levels and also helps to keep you cooler. An electric fan is also a good addition, for which you will need a power source.

If you work out in a garage try to make sure it is not too dusty or damp as this is not best for your important breathing.

Lighting for use after sunset is naturally also a good idea!

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Burn the Fat
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