Get Lean and Get Ripped - Or How to Lose Body Fat

Get Lean, Get Ripped, Lose Fat

To get that ripped and shredded look that many dream of, where muscle striations and veins stand out you will need to get very, VERY lean. The kind of LEAN as in less than 5% body fat. But how can you get that low? Is it possible? Can it be sustained? Will it damage your health?

First of all to get to this level of leanness is very possible but requires a lot of effort in terms of watching what you eat by closely monitoring your calorie intake, because to get this lean you need a calorie deficit (quite logical).

To maintain this super low fat level you would need to eat EXACTLY the same calories as your body burns every day. This is virtually impossible because your daily activity is not always the same and the foods you eat can vary slightly in their composition of fats to carbs to proteins - e.g. chicken breast from two different chickens will have pretty much the same composition but it can vary slightly. As fat contains just over double the calories per weight than protein your energy intake will differ even though you have eaten the same weight of the same stuff! Therefore it is very, very tough (impossible?) to stay at the same percentage fat week on week.

Because of this, the best way to get and stay lean is to have a calorie deficit (much, much easier to achieve than eating EXACTLY the same calories as your body burns, but still requires effort). To drop from 10% body fat to less than 5% body fat can take around 10 to 12 weeks. So, supposing you got to 4% body fat as many bodybuilders do and you wanted to maintain it you would have two choices. The first (and most desirable) way you could do this is to do the impossible and eat EXACTLY what you burn. However - as detailed in the previous paragraph this is virtually impossible, so that leaves you with the second and only sensible choice and that is to continue with your calorie deficient food intake for even longer.

This is okay to a point... but the trouble of staying on a diet where you eat less calories than you burn is that your metabolism will begin to slow down (as it does when you are in calorie deficit and has probably slowed down since you began this strict plan all those weeks ago. Therefore, if you keep eating the same calorie deficit for many more weeks the chances are you could start to GAIN fat again because your metabolism has dropped further and you are now burning less calories than you are now eating! So you would have to FURTHER reduce your calorie intake, and again after a period of time your metabolism would have slowed again and you could go on like this for ever... BUT YOU MUST NOT for you could get ill (through malnutrition) if you kept cutting your food intake. Your hormonal levels could go daft and your immune system could be affected.

So the best solution is to CYCLE a calorie deficit as many bodybuilders do. If you want to look ripped and stay looking ripped, then do what most bodybuilders do - get ripped and shredded and have a low percentage body fat like 4%, but only have this for a short period of time and then relax and chill out allowing yourself to get ordinarily lean again at around 8% to 10%. Then when you want to be super lean again, just do a cutting phase again! Yippee - you are in control - you generally have low body fat levels (8 to 10% for a man, 15% or so for a woman) but you get lean and get ripped and shredded again just about any time you want!

If you want to learn more secrets that bodybuilders use to be able to vary their body fat or 'leanness' then visit the Burn the Fat website.

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