My Prone Row Station Similar to Seated Rows

My Prone Row Station (or Seated Row)

My prone row station - or as I prefer seated row, but lying down. The movement is the same, and I didn't have to spend a fortune on a dedicated station. I use this to do horizontal or bent over rows and reverse press ups (but with a loaded bar, rather than hanging horizontally) which enables me to use more weight. This exercise is good for strengthening the rear deltoids to prevent shoulder joint problems due to strength imbalance (many people focus a lot of effort on the bench press whilst ignoring their backs).
Photograph of my bench in its flat position

As you can see in the photograph all I have done is elevate my bench by around 18 inches (45cm) to allow for a full range of motion. Occasionally the bar does touch the bottom of the bench so I miss out of the very top part of the exercise by an inch or so.

The good thing about this is that it takes stress of your lower back and does not allow you to jerk the weight up using your legs and lower back, so it is quite a strict exercise. You can use dumbbells that would enable a parallel grip (palms facing each other) or a barbell - the choice is yours. I still include cable rows as I find you can do more weight using the narrow V-handle, but I like to vary my routines a little, not a lot. My routines are usually similar just that I do slight variations of certain exercises from time to time.

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