My Trap Bar - A Suberb Lifting Contraption

My Trap Bar

The first picture shows a complete view of my heavy duty Olympic Trap Bar with fixed ends. The short bars close to and parallel to the weight plates are the handles. This bar is slighlty different from the original "Gerrard Trap Bar" which was a diamond shape, as this has two additional pieces at the front and back to make the shape more hexagonal. This creates more space inside the bar making deadlifts much easier as your knees have more room when the bar passes them.
Photograph of my Trap Bar

The next picture focuses on the fixed (non-rotating ends) to show how much more weight can be added - at least another five lots of 20kg (45lb) plates per side taking the weight to 390kg (860lbs) with my weight plates which are 1.5 inches wide. The ends of this bar are 24inches.
Photograph of my trap bar

The final picture shows a view down the length of the trap bar, making it easier to see that the ends of this bar do not rotate. I have not found this to be a problem as there is sufficient clearance between the weight plates and the Olympic sized ends of this trap bar such that the plates rotate themselves relatively easily.
Photograph of my trap bar

The trap bar enables a safe way to work your core structure without a power rack with safeties or a spotter. If your strength fails you will not crush yourself - in fact you could just let go of the thing and it'll land (rather heavily) on the floor. Just make sure your floor can take it!

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