My Weight Plates

My Weight Plates - Heavy Stuff to Lift

In my collection of weight plates I have a variety of standard weight plates (1 inch hole diameter) and a variety of Olympic plates (2 inch hole diameter). The standard plates are left over from my earlier sets that I wasted time with. The 10lb (5kg) standard weight plates are very useful for my dumbbells for which I can use to make one dumbbell of 140lb (60kg). As weight plates are paid for by the weight my standard set was fairly cheap.
Photograph of my power rack

For the BIG weights (the more expensive set), I invested in the Olympic weight plates for my 7-foot barbell and trap bar. As these plates are for BIG lifts I had to buy a lot of weight so this set was more expensive than my standard set. Remember that weights are paid for by the pound(lb) or kilogram(kg) and I have 8x44lb (20kg each) plate, 2x33lb (15kg each), 2x22lbs (10kg each), 4x11lbs (10kg each) and 4 each of the smaller plates. My big set allows me to load my bar with around 530lb (240kg) and when you add the weight of the bars this takes the total to 570lbs (260kg) - which is a decent weight and exclude the smaller plates. Of course, when I exceed this weight I shall be off to see my friendly gym-shop people at Gymratz in Bristol, UK to get two more 44lb plates.

A set of metallic Olympic plates and standard plates is a good investment and they should last you a very long time... I guess they last until the paint has all been chipped off and they have rusted away? That'd be a great many years I expect.

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