Scrawny to Brawny
by Michael Mejia and John Berardi

Scrawny to Brawny by Michael Mejia and John Berardi

After about 18 months or so of good results I began to get stuck – I had been benching 100kg for months, but I had not been consistent with my approach – I had been ill, shortly followed by a holiday, then a couple of weeks in the gym then ill again, then another few weeks in the gym and then family commitments made my evening training (the only time that I had available) difficult for a few days a week and really disrupted my routine. I had to reduce the weight to get the same reps I was getting before. I despaired and browsed Amazon for another book, though I don’t know why. It was then that I stumbled on Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way.

Scrawny to Brawny is a good book, though I was not too keen on some of the exercises. The best bits of this book are the sections on body type, postural assessment and the excellent nutrition section. The book also talks about body types, not just the “hard gainer” or the genetically gifted, but those between these two extremes and the authors believe that the term hard gainer is used when people don’t get results they expect. Instead, the authors believe that these people are “probably over trainers” and “most definitely under eaters.”

The book has a recipe for a pre, during and post workout drink that I used and along with the increased eating (I was definitely under eating before) I soon turned my backwards steps into huge leaps forward – within three months I was benching 115kg for reps and my squat increased by 20kg. However, I think I did some over eating as although my lean body mass increased my body fat increased too. Although it is hard to gain only muscle, I felt my fat increase was much greater than it should have been. I decided to half the quantities of the nutrients in the pre, during and post workout drink and I also dropped beef from my meals, which helped lower the fat gain.

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