Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier

Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier

Strength Training Anatomy is a very well illustrated book (no photographs) detailing the musculature worked for more exercises than you can shake a stick at. Each exercise has a few anatomical diagrams and text describing the various muscles worked. The joints including bones, ligaments and tendons are also shown – it is a great reference book.

The book is divided into seven sections:

  • Arms (21 exercises)
  • Shoulders (17 exercises)
  • Chest (14 exercises)
  • Back (20 exercises)
  • Legs (18 exercises)
  • Buttocks (10 exercises)
  • Abdomen (15 exercises)

Though the more popular exercises are in here there are a few additional exercises that require dedicated machines that not everyone will have access to. This is not really a problem as these exercises tend to be minor isolation exercises and are not necessary, until perhaps you are looking for perfect symmetry or specific development of a muscle that may be lagging slightly.

On a negative note, a few of the exercises should not be done as a few are hazardous or can cause minor joint irritation or injury. Stuart McRobert’s book The Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight-training Technique shows the exercises that can be done safely and shows how to perform these exercises correctly to avoid injury altogether. However, Strength Training Anatomy should have a place on your shelf alongside Stuart’s book - use Stuart’s book for learning how to perform the exercises, and use Delavier’s to see which muscles these exercises work.

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