Bodybuilding Supplements and Foods

Bodybuilding Foods and Supplements

When I was in my mid-teens and naive, I believed supplements were 90% responsible for making your body build muscle. Whenever I looked in the muscle magazines all the supplement ads featured a well tanned, large muscled man with veins looking like they were about to explode. Back then I could not afford these wonder supplements as my income was low and they were expensive (and they are still expensive for what they are). But can these bodybuilding supplements really make you huge, muscular, ripped and super lean with veins bursting out of your skin? Do they help or are they just hype?

Well, there is a huge range of bodybuilding supplements, or rather supplements that claim to be bodybuilding. The range usually includes muscle building supplements, performance enhancing supplements and recovery supplements. Of course, you can't get bigger muscles by just eating, either in supplement shake form or in 'real' food form unless you also do resistance training (weight lifting for us gym folks).

The is another category of food supplements that is worth mentioning and that is what I call supporting supplements. These are supplements that have great benefits to your health and well being and well as offering some form of protection.

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Burn the Fat
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Muscle Gaining Secrets